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Hey Central New Yorkers….Your Vacation from Stress Awaits!


Think for a moment what your life would feel like minus the stress. I am inviting you to take a vacation right now to your favorite place! It’s free and PERFECT!

Luxuriate in the relaxation this state brings. Feel your body relax. Stay on vacation at least a few minutes!


You have started your journey toward such a state; you’ve taken the first step!

Step 1Tranquility

Quieting the mind enough to harness its tremendous power is your first step. Usually we go all day long with our minds jumping from one idea to the next, in survival mode, just to get done the tasks of life (as we see them). Survival mode means that your energy is being spent responding to the needs of your environment.

What about YOUR needs?

Make sure your life does not pass by without looking at what your needs are. Without looking at these (instead of reacting to external needs all the time), they are ignored and forgotten.

Step 2 – Tuning In

Tuning into what is there and how it feels. This aspect of meditation is often called Mindfulness. It is composed of noticing where your attention leads, what is there, and moving on with no judgment. Very transformative.

Step 3 – Travel Guidance

Now that you’re relaxed, paying attention to your thoughts, perceptions and environment, time to guide your inward travels. Feel what it feels like to travel to your favorite place. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Feel the gentle breeze and perfect temperature. Hear the sounds of Nature. Go ahead, guide your senses where you feel most peaceful and relaxed.

Research has shown for decades that what you guide your mind to perceive as real creates real changes in your body and behavior. In other words: Need a vacation? Take a vacation!

Step 4 – Training

Repeat Steps 1-4 Again and again; each day to change your consciousness!


Here you have what you need to know to take a permanent vacation from stress, and handle it better when it inevitably arrives. The tricky part of reducing stress is to keep The 4Ts going. If you need help reducing stress via finding just the right form of meditation for your needs, get in touch with Dr. Dawn at 585.465.1460. Meditation class starts this Thursday night, for 8 weeks – to keep the good habit going!

Stress Management – Cortland- Syracuse – Ithaca

The #1 Way to Put HAPPY into the New Year

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Since happiness means different things to each person, there are many answers to how to make sure the New Year is happy.

Here are some of the answers we’ve heard:

  • More parties
  • More money
  • A better love life
  • Win the Lottery
  • Have world peace

Well, the research about happiness does not support any of these answers. Nor does it support

any of the other answers that are situations that would remove your stress or “problems”.


Here is what people who are happy by nature know that helps them stay in this state more of the


Real happiness is dependent upon inner resources, not outer wishes fulfilled.

What The Research Says

It’s good news! Happiness can be learned. Dr. Richard Davidson’s research using MRI

documentation shows that the patterns of neural activity in the brain’s front lobes reveal one’s

disposition tendency. Establishing what the patterns mean, then finding a way to shift and keep

the patterns of happiness in the brain and WOW! People can grow happy!

Happy people have more activity in the left frontal brain area (the prefrontal cortex), according

to research observing functional MRI visuals of brain activity. The left prefrontal cortex is

associated with positive thinking and mood.

Dr. Davidson also showed that people who are more anxious or depressed have more activity in

the right frontal brain area, which is associated with negativity and hypervigilance. These people

also have more activity in the circuitry around the amygdala, which processes emotions.

OK, so let’s go further. The mood patterns are indexed. How can people get to the happy end of

the index?

What clues can we gather from the subjects who were most successful? The most extreme

“happy” brain index (activity in the left prefrontal cortex) of the 175 people previously tested

was found in a senior Tibetan monk who had decades of experience meditating.

Now we have evidence of how to change our brain’s neurological activity patterns to become

less anxious, less stressed, more positive and happier.

What are you going to do with this information, which may be amongst the most meaningful to

your future of any research?

Meditate. Nothing is more important than your happiness.

Want to get your meditation groove on in 2015? Join Dr. Dawn for her VIP Class – Learn More Here

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