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  • Dr. Dawn Stranges

    Dr. Dawn Stranges

    Looking for help with: Suffering? Addiction ? Pain ? Weight ? Depression ? Stress? WE CAN HELP

    Meet Dr. Dawn


  • Better than ANY Therapist

    Better than ANY Therapist

    A Client Shares Her Success Story!

    Meet Dr. Dawn
  • Mission Success!

    Mission Success!

    Dr. Dawn recently visited the Dominican Republic for Healing Mission Journey

    Meet Dr. Dawn


  • 5 Star Rated Soul Surgeon

    5 Star Rated Soul Surgeon

    Dr. Dawn Stranges has been helping thousand of people for years. Hear one of her clients stories now.

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Dr. Dawn’s Story

Dawn Stranges started training as a little one to live up to her name: Bringer of New Light in unique ways. She smiled a lot.

Troubles were too heavy to drag along life’s path, so Dawn chose light-hearted memories and attitudes as traveling companions instead. Even lighter were the unseen companions others called “invisible playmates”. They provided wisdom that outshone “conventional wisdom”.

Around age 4, Dawn faced an out of body experience that led to a life vision: A need to satisfy the soul by helping as many people as possible live more positive, enlightened, happier and healthier lives.

After a few decades of denying her interchange with spiritual guidance, it all came back: the feeling of being cradled in unconditional loving-kindness; the awareness of how spiritual separation causes symptoms, distress and dis-ease.

Along with growing realization comes the drive and passion to share the Light. The joy of fulfilling this sacred promise is part of this work and this website. And, the value of all this is in the receiving of the Light by those moved to make the shift needed to heal their lives, souls and bodies. Ready to make the shift to the next higher level? Contact Dr. Dawn, your Soul Surgeon.

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